Recatto Custom Knives

"My design or yours." - Beaux Recatto

What Are You Getting When You Order a Recatto Knife?

Handmade in the USA

When you order a Recatto Knife, you're getting a knife hand crafted by a patriot born and raised in the USA with strong Christian family values. 

Made from Scratch

"The only thing I buy pre-made is the screws," says Beaux Recatto, who starts off with a piece of CPM-154cm steel and shapes it into a blade and crafts the handle himself.


You work directly with Beaux Recatto to design your own custom Recatto Knife. "Your design or mine," as Beaux Recatto likes to say.


Beaux Recatto will see to it that all Recatto Knives keep a sharp edge. Once you purchase a Recatto Knife, Beaux will sharpen it free of charge whenever you need.

What Features Could You Get With A Recatto Knife?

Logo Engravement

You can get your company logo or your name engraved on the knife as well as stamped on the sheathe of your knife. Ask Beaux Recatto for details.


With most high end knives, Beaux Recatto adds a special touch of his own. He files the design by hand.

Matching Sets

If you want a matching set, Beaux Recatto is your man. Whether you want matching knives of the same kind or simply matching styles, he can meet your needs.

Special Sets

Have a specific set in mind? Be it a carving set, hunting set, or most any sort of kit you need, Beaux Recatto can make you an exquisite set.

Gut Hooks

Big or small, Beaux Recatto makes the gut hooks you need. He can tack it on at the end of your knife and customers have described it makes skinning a deer "like unzipping a zipper."

Give Beaux Recatto Your Feedback

Beaux Recatto values your opinion and wants to work closely with all his customers. Let him know what you thought of his knives and his services or tell him how he can improve!

About Beaux Recatto

About Me...

My name is Beaux Recatto. I was born and raised in Louisiana. I moved to Lumberton, Mississippi as a young adult. I am married have a beautiful wife and have 2 beautiful daughters. My interest are my family, church and the great outdoors. I love to hunt and fish.  

About My Knives...

My passion is to design and build custom knifes. I created my first custom knife in 1990 and have been expanding on my ideas since then. 

About My Business...

I will personally service each and every customer. You will deal directly with me. No high pressure sales.  


Contact Us

Speak With Beaux Recatto Directly:

37 Don Dewease Loop, Lumberton, Mississippi 39455, United States

(601) 916-2141